“Rewind Back to 2021”

Hi readers,

The Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School Brigade Club aims to develop balanced growth of a member who can positively impact the life of others. We promote habits such as obedience, self respect and discipline among members so that they may achieve good results in their future endeavors.

Throughout 2021 our club members have participated in numerous activities, such as Target Classes conducted by our Club Instructors. We also participated in the BB Campro Competition and obtained the “Perak” position. Other than that, ten of our members achieved astounding results in the BB Quiz. Moreover, some of our club members entered the National Bible Quiz Competition representing Sabah and obtained 1st place in “Up level” and 2nd place in “Intro level”. To conclude this year’s activities, our club hosted an “Awards and Appreciation Day” to commemorate all the activities and awards that we have accomplished throughout 2021.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Our club has also organized many game sessions for members to have fun and enhance good relationship. We personally think the combination of work and fun is the secret to success. We hope that you, yes you, reading this right now can come and join us and have a fruitful 2022 together! What do you say?

We’ll be waiting~

Committees of Brigade Club

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